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Feast of Unleavened Bread

   God actually laid out the plan of salvation in the Book of Exodus, in the Passover story.  The Passover Seder, while completely and uniquely Jewish, is loaded with powerful references to our Messiah. Yeshua used the Seder to start Communion. You need to have knowledge of what the Seder symbols mean to really get what He was saying about the bread and the cup.  

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            Passover Seders

The Passover Seder is simply one of the most exciting Jesus events ever. The Last Supper was actually a Seder, and Yeshua used it to explain biblical truths about Himself and salvation. In fact, He used the occasion of this Jewish custom to establish Communion.  Once you experience the Seder, you’ll never take Communion the same way again.        

In his thirty plus years of ministry, Jeffrey D. has conducted hundreds of Passover Seders throughout the country and even internationally. Amazed by the comments we’ve received about how the Seder has impacted peoples lives, we offered this online version in 2021 during the pandemic so many more could experience it.



Those who participated in the LIVE online Seder were supplied with a mini- Haggadah (program), plus instructions about the Seder elements to prepare, and even some of our own recipes that have been enjoyed at our Community Seders.  If you would like those materials contact us.

Learn more about Jesus and Passover -  Read the article at left, and watch this Video  promo from earlier in-person seders.

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